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Boost Your BusinessGrow Your Business with the Specialists

Advice and solutions to help give your business the competitive edge in even the toughest of markets.  From lead generation to full marketing consultancy and advertising solutions we can help from making the phone ring to helping you to convert the sale.  Call or email to find out how we can help maximize your business revenues.

Beat Your CompetitorsBeat Your Competitors To The Leads

When your potential customers and clients are choosing which business will service them, we can get you in front of them at the crucial purchasing moment and help them to choose you over your competitors.  It's a competitive edge which translates to sales and profitability.

Increase RevenuesIncrease Revenues: Effective Marketing

With a cost-effective marketing program you can benefit from our specialized marketing and advertising experience to maximize your revenues.  Even in the toughest of economic climates we can help your business to fulfill its potential.  Call or email Landscaping Advertising today to find out how we can help your business - it costs nothing to call and speak with us.
Online Landscape Services Marketing


Online MarketingIf you're not marketing your services effectively online then your business is missing calls and business - it is commonly one of the most untapped sources of potential growth in many landscaping services businesses.

We have a proven methodology for selling landscaping services online.  With the right strategy in place, it comes down to out-competing your local competitors - doing a better job of getting in front of them when they are looking for your services, and doing a better job of persuading them to choose your business.

Our solutions take into account that different landscaping businesses in different towns and cities will need different approaches - every market is unique because you have different competitors and demographics.  But it is the versatility to take any of your competitors that can make all the difference.  As with all of our marketing solutions, our services include everything you need to get out there and get the leads coming in, including our consultancy.


Complete Solution

 Everything you need to sell your landscaping services online:

  • WEBSITE - Our dynamically coded websites give you the platform to get your message out effectively, while providing the flexibility to rapidly adjust your sales messaging. This systems is already in place and working for other services companies worldwide. Proven success in driving sales!
  • SALES PITCH - Our Specialty!  We write the sales copy for you.  We have learned from research what works best for your business in your market.  We can create the most effective sales pitch for the targeted campaign while you focus on your business - delivering exceptional landscaping services.
  • ONLINE ADVERTISING - We set it up for you! From the initial website messaging designed to drive traffic and convert visitors to phone inquiries, to targeted campaigns to drive your most profitable services.  We assure that you are pulling in those people looking for your services in your area.  This is what we are expert at - nobody is coming close to doing this as well as we do in the markets we already work!
  • MARKETING CAMPAIGN TRACKING - We have a proven system for keeping you informed about how every online marketing dollar is spent and the phone calls they are generating for you.  You can use this system to improve your Return On Investment and spend your marketing dollars where they work most effectively! 
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We guarantee you will like your new website or you don't pay!  We take care of all of the technical details including securing your domain name if needed and business grade website hosting.  This coupled with our consulting services are included in your package.  Everything you need to beat your competitors and GROW your business.!

IT COSTS NOTHING TO GET STARTED -  call or email us today


All of our Landscaping Marketing Packages include the following essential elements:

  1. Marketing Strategy Consulting:  Fundamental to the success of your site.  Benefit from the economies we provide through proven research and driven results to create a cost effective, comprehensive marketing strategy designed to sell your landscaping services.
  2. Creative Design & Proven Processes:  We work with you to present a professional design to match your professional approach to landscape services.  We make it easy implement and track your results. 
  3. Messaging Expertise:  Our special sauce!  We are expert in creating the most effective messaging to promote your landscaping services and grab market share from your competitors.  We have proven this in other markets, just ask!
  4. Technical  Support:  We realize that our clients might posses a wide range of computer skills and proficiency. The important thing to know is that regardless of your level of comfort with computers, we take care of all of the technical requirements to get your website and online marketing initiatives up and running.  If you don't already have a domain name, we will register one for you as part of our package.  We also provide business grade web site hosting with automated backup.  Our packages include a year of hosting.  If you want the details, just ask!
  5. Analytics and Statistics gathering:  You want and need to know how well your site is doing; where you are being successful in driving traffic and where you need to improve.  Our packages include all of the tools to generate these statistics giving you valuable insight into who is visiting your site, total numbers, location, what they looked at, how they got there.  All of the key metrics to measure the success of our work! 
  6. Other Tools included: Our servers are also set up to provide some other valuable online tools clients find useful:
  • SPAM Protection:  Identify and prevent SPAM emails
  • Antivirus Protection:  Scanning for both incoming and outgoing email
  • Webmail:  check from anywhere online.  Set up as many email addresses as you need. Forward them to your home address.
  • Graphics and File Management:  Copy files, convert, resize images.
  • Backup: control your own backups to protect your data.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:  We are proud of our work and our ability to help services businesses.  We are not happy if you are not happy - that's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee.  See our agreement for the full terms and conditions but in a nutshell, if you aren't happy with our work then you don't have to pay us.

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